We can lend a generator of Honda for free (however in winter only)

RentacanHokkaido can lend a generator of Honda for free (however in winter only)

However, because it is limited to one Hokkaido store, it will be in order of arrival, reservation is early.

Winter in Hokkaido is a very beautiful season.


Unfortunately, most of the camp sites that can secure electricity are closed.


Without a place to supply electricity, it is very difficult to travel with a campervan and motorhome.


In Hokkaido,

Limited time from December 1st to March 31st.


Please understand that normal gasoline will be burdens the user when using the generator.


When using a generator, please use it where it is allowed to generate noise.

All use in street stations and service areas is prohibited.

Basic base

★ Machine mass [dry weight] (kg): 20.7 kg

★ Rated output (AC): 100 V - 1.6 kVA

★ Continuous operation possible time: about 8.1 to about 3.4

★ Rated output (DC): 12 V - 8 A (12 V battery charging only)




RENTACAN Hokkaido Store

1-8-8, Inaho, Chitose-shi, hokkaido, 066-0029, Japan(near by Chitose Airport)


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