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■ Benefits of a camper

By taking a hotel and moving by a camper,


Without being bound by a place called a hotel,


I could go to various places in Hokkaido.


Also, by moving with a camper,


We were able to respond flexibly to sudden change of schedule.


What we do examine a lot


It is quite troublesome,


Rather than sightseeing


In my house with children who like activities


I went to various places with a camper,


The trip to experience is a huge success ♪

Benefits and cautions of camper travel

Well, based on Tirense experience

With the benefits of traveling with a camper

I would like to write a note.


Benefits of Campervan travel

Because the movement and residence are united with the camper

If you have a place to stop the car at the destination you can spend the night.


Also, keeping our children lying down that will not easily occur in the morning

It is very efficient because you can move to the next planned place.


In addition, we can respond flexibly to changes in schedule while traveling.


In fact, during my family trip this time, on the last day in the afternoon

Information entered that Typhoon 12 will land in Honshu.

For this reason, I changed the flight on the last day from afternoon flight to morning flight.

I changed the accommodation place on the last day from the campground in Sapporo to the road station in Chitose city.


From Chitose Road Station, move to the New Chitose Airport by Camper

As it is, take the camper at the parking lot on the morning airplane

I came back home.


It is tricky to take the children of Neboshi and get on an airplane in the morning

Although it is impossible in normal travel, you can move while sleeping

It becomes possible if it is a camper.



It is one of the charm of a camper which can do a carefree trip with no plan, but if you are going around Hokkaido in a limited number of days it is a point to set up a detailed schedule in advance.


It is a waste of time if you are searching each destination locally. Especially in the vast Hokkaido, the distance traveled between areas is long, so I want to eliminate wasted time as much as possible.


To do that, before studying, we will investigate and examine "what kind of camping place do you want to stay", "what sort of place you want to visit", "where and what you want to eat" beforehand, and prepare a detailed schedule beforehand Important. If there is a base schedule, it is possible to change the schedule flexibly at the site on the basis of it, and it is easy to deal with even if there is a trouble by any chance.


Preliminary survey and detailed planning are the secret to enriching Hokkaido's journey by the camper. Let's enjoy the Hokkaido camping car trip as much as I consider the time that I am planning Alecolle and plan before departure as one of the enjoyment of the trip.




■ Hokkaido Road Station and Hot Springs

Japan's hot spring big country, Hokkaido.


There is also a station on the way where hot springs are installed!




This time we introduce the station on the road with hot springs.


We will introduce it by area, so please stop by while you drive!


【Northeast Area】 Road Station ☆ Romantic Road Shibusan

"Road Station ☆ Roman Highway Shibuyatsu" located in Madameikado Park known as the scenic spots of Northern · Hayamayama village.




"Shotobetsu hot spring hotel cape no yu" is installed in the premises.


From the outdoor bath that can overlook the Sea of ​​Japan, you can see Rishirifuji floating on a horizontal line, and you can warm yourself and your mind comfortably by hugging in the majestic nature of Hokkaido.


It is also popular for family baths where family baths are also possible and family members can enter.




In addition, there are many facilities that can be enjoyed by all the families such as observatories, restaurants, park golf courses in Madami-dori Park.


Also try tasting "Fuku Takayuki Bento" on the road station lunch box for limited period and quantity limited using Mafugu and Mizutako captured off Hatsuyama district off the coast!






Road Station ☆ Romantic Road Shibusan

Address: Hoshimichi Tomamae-gun Hayamadori Mura Higuchi 153 Address 1


Phone: 0164-67-2525


Business hours: April? October / 10: 00-21: 00, November? March / 10: 00? 20: 00


Closed: Tuesday, New Year's Holiday




Shoshibetsu hot spring hotel Cape hot water

Address: 153 Hozanbetsu Village Higashi-gumi Tomamae-gun, Hokkaido


Phone: 0164-67-2031


Opening hours: 6: 30-8: 00 (until reception: 7: 30), 11: 00-22: 00 (reception until 21: 30)


Closed: No holiday


Day trip bathing: Adults 500 yen, Children 250 yen, Family bath room (1 hour) 750 yen






【Eastern area】 Road station Akan Tanbo no Sato

Akan known as the wintering area of ​​the special natural treasure crane.


Natural hot spring "Red Beret" is installed at the station of the road which took its name, the village of Akan Tanbo.




Natural hot spring in red beret contains a lot of "metasilicic acid" of natural moisturizing ingredient and "bicarbonate ion" of high anti-aging effect, and it is familiar to neighborhood residents as "beautiful skin noodle".




The restaurant cranes in the facility enjoy fresh seafood deep-fried in the port of Kushiro, as well as Akan pork, Akan black wagyu, Akan malt beef, Akan maple of Ezo venom, local unique brand meat taste can also do.




Road station Akan Tanbo no Sato

Address: Hokkaido Kushiro-shi Akan Town Uenaku 23 Line 36 1


Telephone: 0154-66-2969


Opening hours: May - September / 9: 00-18: 00, October - April / 9: 00 - 17: 00, Tourist Information Office 10: 00-16: 00


Closed holiday: closed every day (temporary closure due to equipment inspection etc.)




Red Berey natural spa

Phone: 0154-66-2330


Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00


Closed holiday: closed every day (temporary closure due to equipment inspection etc.)


One-day bathing fee: Adult 410 yen, junior high school 310 yen, dwarf 100 yen






【Mao area】 Road station Utorai Tyrol no Yu

Station in Utashinai City which is also a base for guiding wide area sightseeing as a relay point of Hokkaido, Northeast and Higashi east.


In the regional special product corner, popular is "Pickled Tyrol" where regular pickles of more than 30 types are regularly arranged, including the taste of old Japanese grandmother "Hatatsumi pickle" without additives, and local wineries.




The onsen hot spring facility "Utashimon Hot Spring Tyrole no Yu" is a natural hot spring where 650 liters of bicarbonate spring springs out from the old coal mine mining ore.




A colorless and transparent hot spring feels a little slimy and makes the skin slippery, "Beauty's hot water".


You can enjoy outdoor baths that hope for nature like Hokkaido, sleepy baths, fountains, bubble hot water and so on.




Road Station Utorai Tyrol no Yu

Address: Hokkaido Utashinaichi character Nakamura 72 number 2


Phone: 0125-42-5566


Business hours: April - October / 9: 00 - 18: 00, November - March / 9: 00 - 16: 00


Closed holiday: Monday (November? March) ※ If Monday is a holiday the next day, year-end and New Year (December 31 - January 5)




Utasuna Onsen Tyrol no Yu

Address: Hokkaido Utashinaichi character Nakamura 78 3


Phone: 0125-42-5588


Opening hours: 6: 00-8: 00/10: 00-22: 00


Closed: No holidays (closed for 3 days in June for legal inspection)


One-day bathing fee: Adults 500 yen, Children 300 yen






【Donan area】 Only on the way station Tokiwa Park



The park is a park where you can see the unusual "intermittent fountain" nationwide.


A pebble spring that was discovered by chance in the 13th year of the year, hot springs of about 100 ° C are continuously blowing up in the sky at intervals of about 10 minutes only by the power of nature.


The amount of hot springs blowing up at once is about 500 liters, and it blows up to a height of about 15 m or more.




Foot baths that use hot springs in the intermittent springs are also set up in the park, and the hot water can be expected to have efficacy such as neuralgia, coldness, recovery from fatigue.


Because we are also renting towels, we can enjoy even visiting by hand and we can look at the dynamic geyser that rises high while soaked in foot bath.




Road station only Park Geishin-gaen

Address: Hokkaido Kaibe-gun Shakabe-cho Shikabe 18 Address 1


Phone: 01372-7-5655


Business hours: April - September / 8: 30 - 18: 00, October - March / 9: 00 - 17: 00


Closed: From the 4th Monday (October to March) ※ When Monday is a holiday the next day, the year-end and New Year (December 31 - January 5)




Festival park

Admission fee: Adult 300 yen, dildo 200 yen


※ Road station with shower facilities


Road station Oitake Land Taisei


Shower room

Usage charge: 3 minutes 100 yen

Term of use: July - September

Kuon-gun Sotanamachi 378 Hirahama Taisei Ward

Japan, Hokkaido Kuonan-gun Sutanana cho Osaku-ku Hirahama


Roadside station I'm sorry


Shower room

Hakodate City Hinohama-cho 31st 2

Japan, Hokkaido Hokkaido City Hinohama-cho 31 - 2


■ Nature in Hokkaido



■ Activities in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is exactly a natural heaven. To make Hokkaido's journey with camper cars a "memorable trip" rather than just a "sightseeing tour", it is important to actively incorporate "experiences" that can taste nature in Hokkaido.


Taking advantage of the ropeway as a challenge for families as well as mountain climbing of Daisetsuyama Asahidake · Daisetsuyama Mt. Kurodake, trekking of Shiretoko Peninsula and Kushiro Marsh, Hokkaido has activities to enjoy in nature.


In addition to climbing and trekking, rafting down rushing such as Niseko's Shiribetsu River, Sorachi River of Minamifurano, Hidaka Rukawa etc. River kayak such as Kushiro River · Tokachi River, Kussharo Lake · Lake Shikotsu · Toyako · Bendo Lake canoes such as lakes, ice floe in Shiretoko / Abashiri, Horse trekking in Hidaka, etc. are experienced tours that can easily enjoy nature in various areas of Hokkaido. Outdoor beginners are advised to use such guided tours. If you actively incorporate nature experience, the trip will be more fulfilling.


Canoeing time to taste the tranquility on a beautiful water surface


If you want to enjoy the river and lake nature leisurely, canoeing is recommended. The canoe, which slides along the surface of the water as if sliding, can enjoy a unique tranquility while feeling a sense of unity with nature. You can enjoy it all year long if you have a cold weather protection, but the green season is attractive with the ease of experience you can experience in light clothing. Tours can be enjoyed even by young children if accompanied by parents. Outdoor guide considering safety is characterized by many tours that focus on emphasizing relaxing in nature, such as explaining birds and animals and enjoying tea time on the way.



Aim at the summit at your level and pace


If you enjoy the nature of Hokkaido slowly at your own pace, mountain climbing is recommended. Walking along the mountain path while enjoying nature such as alpine plants, mountain streams and waterfalls, the achievement of achievement when it reaches the summit is the highest. Especially in mountain climbing for the first time, let alone experience not only beginners but also experienced people. If you are a guide, leave it to an outdoor guide rich in experience and knowledge. As well as choosing a mountain and a safe route that matches the level, I will lecture firmly to clothes and equipments that correspond to the changing mountain weather conditions, and manners I want to be careful in climbing, so I am sure to enjoy climbing mountainly with confidence Let's see. ※ Iriyama notification is definitely a must!

Why do not you look for the charm of nature in Hokkaido

Nature walk

Under the endless endless sky, the landscape where extensive greenery continues is exactly the image of nature in Hokkaido itself. Due to the Tsugaru Straits the natural environment of Hokkaido shows different forms from Honshu. When the world of snow and ice is over, nature in north starts to move all at once. Echoes or Chipmunk can see the face from among the pretty wild flowers as they heard the songs of birds as called by the trees' sprouts. If you stroll along with the outdoor guide, you will be able to touch the charm of nature in Hokkaido, which we just did not notice.





■ Hokkaido model course



■ Park in Hokkaido

National Park / National Park / Hokkaido Nature Park

Exactly the only one's environment. The nature of Hokkaido is being protected.


Hokkaido, which is the northernmost in Japan and surrounded by the ocean, has its own natural environment different from Honshu.

There are many areas that are protected in the rich natural environment and wildlife, which is a big attraction of Hokkaido, and areas that are properly managed so that those who visit are familiar with those nature are properly managed.


What is a national park?

It is a landscape landscape representative of Japan, designated by the Minister of the Environment and managed by the country.


National park in Hokkaido

Rishiri Rebunsu Sarobetsu National Park Daisetsukan National Park Shikotsu Toya National Park Shiretoko National Park Akan National Park Kushiro Wetland National Park


What is the National Park

It is a natural scenery area conforming to the National Park, designated by the Minister of the Environment under the offer of Hokkaido, managed by Hokkaido.


Hokkaido's Quasi-National Park

Abashiri National Monument Park Onuma National Monument Park Niseko Shakotan Otaru Coast National Park Hidaka Mountains Collapse National Monument Park Heat and cold awkward quenching quake National Monument


What is the Ramsar Convention

The official name is "the treaty on internationally important wetlands, in particular as a waterfowl habitat." It is a treaty to preserve valuable natural environment for endangered creatures. Onuma joined in July 2012, and now 13 sites are registered.


Ramsar Convention Registration Wetland in Hokkaido

Kushiro Mizuhara Kukuchiro Lake Utonai Lake Kiritappu Marshaw Akkeshi Lake · Other Alpine Move Marsh Miyajima Numake Ryuzonuma Marsh Sarobetsu Harano Takinago Akan Lake Fenran Lake · Harun Peninsula Peninsula · Nazuka Onuma


World heritage "Shiretoko"

Shiretoko registered as a World Natural Heritage Site in 2005. "Shiretoko" means Sirietk in the Ainu language, the end of the earth. This place which strongly leaves the primitive face which does not let such a person strongly received proper protection such as designation of national park and cooperation of local residents from early. The harsh and beautiful nature that is proud of the world is carefully protected for future generations.


5. Lake Mashu


Source: Kazame No / PIXTA (Pixter)


The tourist attraction "Lake Mashu" representing Hokkaido is said to be "the last sanctuary left on the ground". Its size is 20 kilometers around and it covers an area of ​​19.2 square kilometers. It makes us realize the greatness of nature.


It is the sixth largest caldera lake in Japan (the lake formed by the crater sinking after the volcano erupted). The water of Lake Mashu contains little impurities. The peculiar deep indigo lake surface is said to be "Megumi Blue" and it is a place where many tourists visit to see the mercy blue that nature weaves at first sight.


In the vicinity of Lake Mashuu there are "Megumi Onsen" and "Kawayu Onsen" and there are two hot spring sights and it will heal the tiredness of the trip of visitors.


In addition, there are three observation points around Lake Mashuu, and this is also a place of interest. "Megumi 1st Observatory" close to Mashiu Onsen, "3rd Observation Deck" close to Kawayu Onsen, and "Kamisato Observatory" on Kiyosato Town side. You can watch the spectacular view from there and enjoy photography.


Especially "Megumi Observation Deck" is located at the opposite side of the other two observation platforms, and the occurrence of fog is relatively few, so it is highly likely that you can see a mysterious and beautiful lake surface, It is said to be a tourist attraction.


An island called "Kamui Island" is floating in the center of Lake Mashu. In Ainu language meaning "an old woman who became a god". The top of a volcano of about 240 m in height is visible from the surface of the water. It is surprising that a small volcano hides himself in Lake Mashuu! You can also find unusual scenes of such natural wonders.


On the east coast of Lake Mashu, you can see the Megumi dake of the rocky lava where nature created. It can climb to the summit in about two and a half hours from the first observation deck. The scenery from the top is just a spectacular sight! Lake Mashu is spreading in front of you, you can feel like you monopolized the majestic nature of Hokkaido such as the crater's bottom of Mizumi-dake, Shiretoko's peaks and Akan mountain ranges, and Kurokihara.


Let's feel the wilderness of Hokkaido with Lake Mashu which is fantastic and full of charm!


Name: Lake Mashu

Address: Teshikaga Town, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido

Official · Related site URL: <>



2. Shiretoko National Park




Shiretoko area located at the northeast end of Japan. Shiretoko with the etymology of "Siri Etok" meaning "the end of the earth" in Ainu language is designated as a world natural heritage registration area. The natural tourist attraction in Shiretoko Peninsula is "Shiretoko National Park".


There are many natural attractions including Shiretoko Cape which you can enjoy on sightseeing boat trips. One of them is "three waterfalls". "Flepe waterfall" familiarly nicknamed "Otome's Tears" has become a popular place to see the waterfall frozen in the snowshoe in winter. "Kamuiwakka hot waterfall" is a very unusual waterfall where hot spring water springing from the sulfur mountain flows. Please pay attention to people who are sensitive to the skin because of its strong acidity. In "River Kumagoshi" flowing from the height of about 15 m in the Rausu River, it is a place that can absorb a lot of natural negative ions.


Shiretoko Pass with an elevation of 738 m connecting Shari town and Rausu town. Although it will be closed to traffic in winter, it is a great place to look at the skyful stars and the beautiful sunrise.


It is a really beautiful scenic spot with nature where you can meet in the fantastic Shiretoko Goko area and the lake where Shiretoko mountain ranges are reflected.


In nature-rich "Shiretoko national park", wild garlic seals, orca and brown bear are inhabited. We are entertaining tourists with various nature activities such as drift ice walking, drift ice cruising, whale watching and so on.


Let's go to the tourist attraction "Shiretoko national park" where you can feel the wonderful nature again!


Name: Shiretoko National Park

Address: Rausu-cho, Megashi-gun, Hokkaido

Official · Related site URL: https: //





■ Hokkaido campground

Although I am traveling a lot in Hokkaido, it is a waste to stay overnight at an asphalt parking lot. If you want to taste "Hokkaido no Nature" that is a bit different from the classic sightseeing spots that are crowded with tourists, it is best to use campgrounds.


Although it is a way of using luxury time compared with a journey that moves napping at a road station etc., therefore it is possible to feel the nature of Hokkaido with the skin that can never be tasted by "sightseeing tour".


There are many free and cheap campgrounds in Hokkaido. The location can also be selected according to the sea, mountain, river and taste. Since various fields are scattered in various places, from high-standard campgrounds equipped with facilities to wild campgrounds that can be in touch with nature in minimum facilities, guidebooks of campgrounds, nets etc. I would like to gather information and pick up camps that fit my taste and needs.


Because it is not time to taste the charm of the campground only if it is only one night, it is recommended to stay at least one night in a campsite if possible. Camping in the best location, let's enjoy the real pleasure of Hokkaido.

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