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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do you have navigation in Chinese or English?

A: We only have Japanese Gps navigation, but we will put tablet in the car, you can use the google map by your language. It is for free.

Q:We also need a child seat also. Is that OK?

A:Baby seats and child seats, junior seats are available free of charge.

Q:Baby seats and child seats, junior seats are available free of charge.

A:Rental &return service only can be in our office.

If you wish to transfer,

please return the Campervan until 4pm.

(our office close 5pm)

After you return the van ,

we will take you to Airport free of charge.

Q: Can you please inform the deposit and cancellation policy?

A: Please be informed that the reservation will be confirmed and guaranteed once the fully payment of rental charges has been paid completed by Palpay in advance. The changing or cancelling of reservation is allowed to be made after you completed the payment. The cancelling charges of reservation are listed below for your reference.

Q: How much does it cost to pick up after 21:00, when we arrive?

A: Our business hours are from 9:00 tom 17:00. It will be charged JPY1,000 + tax for every 30 minutes after 17:00.

Q: refrigerator: does its power keep running always or stop when we power off the car?

A: Refrigerator:The power for the refrigerator is supplied by the sub-battery in the camping car. Therefore, it can be turned on for all the time even the car`s engineer has been turned off.

Q: Is the price of rental items by one-day fee or onetime fee? For example: Sleeping Bag including 4 for charges for Adult 1 for Child only 400 JPY ?

A: For example, you requested 2 units of sleeping bags, the charges will be JPY400x2 =JPY800.

Q: I would like to ask, because the time we rent is winter, we will go to Karuizawa if it encounters snow, is the tire dedicated to snow?

A: There are studless tires used in our camping car, it is not suggested to accelerate suddenly, to speed up suddenly, to brake suddenly while driving in the snowing days.

Q: Do you have line account?

A: We do not use LINE in our company. The contact will be over email.

Q: May I know if there’s any rear camera for parking?

A: There is rear camera in the camp car.

Q: Is the camper van AT (Automatic Transmission)?

A: There is auto transmission in the camp car.

Q: Is this possible that you can help me book a camp site as it accepts reservation by phone only but I don’t speak Japanese.

A: Please inform us the dates and the camp site you would like to reserve. We can do the reservation for you.

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