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Mr.Nishiura san

Model of the car :REGARD

Term of use:10/15 ~ 10/18  4nights

Q How was the trip in Hokkaido with Camper van ?

   Would you recommend your friends?

 It was good as we were able to go around various places without a stay for 4 days.

  Campers were more comfortable than I had imagined,

  I was able to travel better than I thought.   I'd like to recommend.

Q How was our service?  Are you satisfied?

  There was shuttle service from airport,

  to and was satisfied because we responded quickly.

  It was better if there was advance notice of missing

    (unusable maintenance etc.) announcement.

    The explanation before use was good,

  as it was easy to understand quickly.

Q Are there any service we are not providing that

           you would like to see us provide?

It is possible to be glad if you can tell us where in each place,

   where you can stay in the car, and each information etc!

   If there are brochures etc ... !





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