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Mr.Josiane Bolduc

Model of the car :Regard

Term of use:3/2~3/21 20nights

Q How was the trip in Hokkaido with Camper van ?

   Would you recommend your friends?

        Awesome.We plan to make video I movie of trip and post to your Facebook.

        Your service when the heater broke was outstanding!

        We really appreciated that the van was seitch for one with working heater.

Q How was our service?  Are you satisfied?

        Very satisfied.Again when the vans were seithed was a pleasant surprise.

        The shwlthe to and from the airport was excellent.

        We were happy the Me bluetooth was connected to the van the laplet for GPS was great!

Q Are there any service we are not providing that you would like to see us provide?

        The freezing of the back storage was lough on us.

        I'm not sure if lhere is a easy solwtion.





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