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TOYOTA Hiace ハイエース


DAILY RATE ¥ 12,000 

Hiace is a 9-seater ride.
When using Hiace with two people,

When you clean up all the sheets in the luggage compartment,

Vertical 243 cm

Width 154 cm

Spacious space is available at.

Two adults can relax and sleep in the car.

DX ■ 9-seater · 4-door
Engine 2800 diesel
Drive four wheel drive
Transmission 6 A / T
Load capacity 850k




 DAILY RATE ¥ 12,000 
The camp is cold in winter, is not it!
But, because Outlander PHEV has 100V AC power supply, cold winter camp is also a bit too late. Because the battery capacity is large, you can use various household appliances.
It consumes electricity the most when consuming electricity, it is uneasy if the battery capacity is small, but if it is a maximum of 1500 W, you can use various appliances simultaneously if you pay attention to the combination.
Moreover, when the battery becomes empty, it can generate power with the engine.
(In circumstances, engine noise may be annoying)
Why can camps electrify with this outlander PHEV? The answer lies in the 100 V AC power supply provided in the two car interior. With the power of the driving battery, home appliances can be used freely anytime, anywhere.
Electrify the camp with this electric energy and let's stay comfortably in winter.
Electric blankets, electric pods, electric stoves and other options are also available in abundance.

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