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"Farm Tomita" In Farm

lavender in Furano
lavender in Furano

Speaking of July is the season of lavender.

If you go to see lavender, Furano's "Farm Tomita" is recommended.

It is a place that began with making perfumes and other items from lavender oil,

As the import industry progresses gradually, unless sales of lavender oil temporarily stop Mr. Tomita, who wanted to leave behind a lavender field, I used lavender for sightseeing, which again triggered the original development of lavender It seems there is a history that the lavender business has been revived by doing.

Today, "Furano speaking of lavender" It became famous as "Farm Tomita Speaking of Furano's Lavender Field".

Such a lavender field of "Farm Tomita" also started from June 30 of this year Expand the site even further to a place slightly away from "Farm Tomita" OPENed.

The overwhelming size and the spectacle that the beautiful purple of lavender spreads It is exactly a scenic view.

By the way, "Farm Tomita" has lavender fields as well, A variety of seasonal flower fields are spreading, of course the lavender season You can enjoy it other than that time.

There are many cafés in the park so you will not have trouble eating.

A lot of soft creams and sweets, which lavender was used for cooking, You should try eating it once.

Other, distillation room extracting lavender oil, dry flower Arrangement exhibition room, souvenir shop etc, It's packed with sights, so you never get tired of it.

 Although I have been introduced so far, "Farm Tomita" Entry fee is no charge though it is such a fulfilling tourist destination.

I was surprised.

Because there is "Road Station South Furano" on the way to Furano from the Chitose direction Driving slowly with the campervan and enjoying the view from the train window I think it's good.





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